Mark Malkoff is a comedian and filmmaker. He has been featured on the "Today Show", "Good Morning America", CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Mashable, NPR’s “Weekend Edition”, BBC, and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Mark achieved worldwide media attention for his web series, “Mark Lives in IKEA”, in which he lived and slept in an IKEA store in Paramus, New Jersey for an entire week which was awarded the 2009 PR Week Campaign of the Year. He also starred in a popular video in which he visited and consumed purchases at all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. 

Mark made headlines again with his web series, “Mark on AirTran”, in which he stayed on an AirTran airplane for an entire month to get over his fear of flying, which resulted in a Guinness World Record for most scheduled flights in thirty days. Mark partnered with the Ford Motor Company to see how many mayors he could convince to present him their key to the city, which resulted in him being presented with 95 keys.

Mark got attention with a video in which to disprove the myth that New Yorkers are rude, he had 155 individuals physically carried him 9.4 miles in Manhattan. It resulted in Mark being carried on live on “Anderson Cooper Live”.

Mark partnered again with IKEA when he hosted the live red carpet for the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Mark created comedy videos for which included, "Apple Store Challenge", illustrating that the Apple Store will allow customers to do practically anything, which Mark proved by successfully bringing a goat into the store.

Netflix to celebrate Mark’s video, “Netflix Challenge”, flew him to the Netflix headquarters where Netflix declared it, “Mark Malkoff Day “. Mark was greeted by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

For Skype’s tenth anniversary, Skype hired Mark to make a video, Skype Around the World, showcasing how many countries Mark could talk with on Skype. The result was Mark talking over Skype with people from 162 countries (including North Korea). 

Other brands Mark has partnered with to create videos include Microsoft, Disney, PayPal, PlantFusion, Asus, US Cellular, Kodak, and Nestle. 

Recently Mark worked with Edelman coming up with video ideas for their clients.

Currently Mark hosts the popular podcast, “The Carson Podcast”. Guests have included Michael J. Fox, Mel Brooks, and Carol Burnett.  The podcast is available at 

Mark lives in New York City with his wife, Christine. 


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